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We are “Jacks of all trades”, and can help you to concentrate on your business, whilst we handle all the incidental chores which otherwise you would have to hire more employees. More employees means more headaches with a drain on your profits.

Outsource your bookkeeping to us and we will maintain your accounting systems as you see fit. We will give you the management reports as and when you want them. Arrange your tax payments and show you where your business is heading.

We could also cover you with the right type of insurance that you would need, and advice you on all aspects of running your business safely.

We can also have your rubbish collected and rid your premises of pests with our advanced pest control procedures.

Our qualified electrical technicians will test and tag all your electrical machinery and appliances. Our certified locksmiths will manage all your lock and key problems. With our listed chores there are few or nothing that we don’t do.

Our master pavers will provide you with the best paving designs. Our workmanship is reliable and cost worthy. Call us and learn more of what we can offer you, so that you can have a flourishing business, trouble free.  

A business with strong foundations

Jim’s Group started small like most businesses, in 1982, and has today reached the pinnacle of the Home Services industry by becoming the largest organization, in the World. With over 3,200 Franchisees, spread all over Australia and four other countries, we have expanded into every conceivable business to help the busy households.

Australia with a fast ageing population and high double incomes, more households are going to spend a bit of extra money this year compared to the preceding years, especially on maintaining their properties. We at Jim’s Group have identified this possible trend and are gearing ourselves, to have the human and other related resources adequately filled to meet this demand.

To this end we are offering those individuals with the passion to succeed, initiative, commitment and with high human resources skills to partner us by obtaining our Paving Franchise. Those joining us would be would become part of a very vibrant, energetic and progressive organization. Your decision to Buy Paving business would be mutually agreed, as we want to know that all our partners will have the same customer orientation that we have striven to uphold.

Our business is manifold and professionally segmented to suit our organization’s objectives. Our Paving business has in a short period of time, made large strides in the industry. We have created some stunning Driveways for our discerning customers, and offer you the opportunity of being creative too.

We want our new Paving Franchisees to learn our advanced methods in Spray Paving and professionalCoatings. We use the most modern equipments and apply the most technologically advanced, tried and tested Coatings. Our staff is trained on a regular basis to be kept abreast of all the new technology introduced to the market. We follow a very strict regimen to provide quality products coupled with impeccable workmanship.

For our customers who would need Permeable surfaces where water or other liquids are likely to fall, we meticulously prepare the surfaces and complete the required work. Permeable paving is ideal for areas of your garden where storm water or water from washing your car is allowed to drain. This application is very advanced unlike the use of loose stones or pebbles of the past. This is easier to maintain and looks good too.



Since the discovery of electricity the human race has taken vast strides in developing into many areas. Space exploration would not have been possible if we did not have the luxury of electricity. The Moon would still be only a sphere, lighting up our night skies. The proliferation of electricity to all nooks and corners of the world has also brought communication to a new dimension.

With electricity being widely used comes, its inherent dangers too. Electricity is a very dangerous commodity and has to be used diligently. Any lapse could maim and kill. This possible lapse on our part is controlled by strict legislation.

The legislation in effect to control the use of electricity is very strict as there are no margins for error. You cannot feel sorry after a major disaster strikes. “Prevention is better than cure”.

To avert any disasters you need to take precautions. Those precautions are well spelled out. Regular checks are mandatory on the electrical usage within your premises and some of them are electrical risk assessment, Testing and tagging, emergency lights testing, andexit light testing.

Carrying out regular electrical risk assessment, Testing and tagging, emergency lights testing, andexit light testing which are precautionary inspections, within your premises could prevent any unforeseen incidents.

The local council within whose purview your premises would be situated will visit to check whether you are abiding by the law and your electrical risk assessment, Testing and tagging, emergency lights testing, andexit light testing certifications are in order.

Holding electrical risk assessment, Testing and tagging, emergency lights testing, andexit light testing certifications from unaccredited companies could place you in a very embarrassing situation.

We have been years in the test and tag industry and would like to help you to avoid such situations. Our Test and Tag inspections are of the highest standards. We do not compromise on our Test and Tag certifications.

Our electrical tagging personnel are the best in town. Our Test and Tag staff are punctual on the job would be courteous and also advice you on any follow up action, required on future test and tag rectifications.

The next time you need a test and tag inspection call us we will be happy to serve you. Holding our electrical testing and tagging certification when the local council officer visits you to peruse your test and tag, ours will give you that added confidence.

Check out our electrical test and tag prices and see for yourself how competitive we are. A call to us will get our personnel at your premises in quick time to give you a no obligation quote on your electrical test and tag.

Call us for your next electrical test and tag, we will serve you best as we are the leaders in our field and have some of the best personnel in the industry. We have served the community well and hope to serve you too.  

Our testimonials on the service we have done speaks for itself.


Business with the appropriate insurance cover

Covering your business with the appropriate insurance cover would compensate you if and when any unfortunate and untold accidents occur. These could be natural or manmade disasters and every such incident could be covered by appropriate insurance.

Those companies in the building and construction industry are legislated to cover their business activities with insurance. Building construction insurance is what they would want but it must also conform to the legal requirements of their trade.

Companies in other construction activities could opt for a lesser cover according to their classification in the construction trade with simple Construction insurance, but the legal requirement pertaining to the business should be covered comprehensively.

Jim’s Insurance has the expertise to comprehend the exact requirements of a business and tailor make a Business insurance policy to suit any business activity. With license to provide insurance policies from Australian dollars 5 million to 20 million, we are the right people for your insurance woes.

Jim’s Insurance specializes in Commercial building insurance and would be glad to extend advice if called upon to do so.

Australian Federal and State laws are very stringent when the public is at risk from business activities conducted by companies. It is a statutory requirement to protect the public from dangers that they may be exposed to, when you conduct business.

The public are at risk even if the risk factor is at the minimum. Hence it is a legislative requirement to have a Public liability insurance policy prior to embarking on any business activity, because the public at the end of the business line is the consumer or customer.

In other instances you may be also required to cover the activities of the business with Business liability insurance, this would be a cover safeguarding all aspects of the business under review. Having the widest insurance cover possible, though it could be a strain on the finances of the company would be a blessing when and if calamity strikes.

All business activities are considered as commercial acts where goods or services are exchanged for payment in cash or kind. Such commercial activities could turn to losses for either party involved in the transaction, buy such losses could be buffered to a great extent if the company is covered with some type of Commercial insurance.